The New Kitchen Reveal

Here are the before & after photos of the dysfunctional and incredibly dark kitchen we had to deal with when we moved in, and the bright, updated fully functional kitchen we now have. We researched the most affordable way to upgrade our kitchen and found that refacing the lower cabinets (in order to save our countertop) and totally replacing the uppers along with a custom pantry on the opposite wall was the smartest and most efficient way to go. We were lucky, we didn’t need to change the floor plan, which in the end saved us ALOT of money. Here it is, our kitchen:


The company we worked with were able to be in and out of the kitchen in 5 days, so the reno was pretty short considering the changes. Then we took a few more nights to get our backsplash put up and all was finished! I’m really glad the last owners didn’t put up a backsplash so we had nothing to take down in the first place and we could pick a tile that was a perfect match with all of our materials.

OCallaghanKitchen-2 OCallaghanKitchen-3

The upper cabinets were completely replaced, allowing for more usable space and no awkward corners like before:

OCallaghanKitchen-7 EverydayGoldenBlog_KitchenAFTER-7 OCallaghanKitchen-10 EverydayGoldenBlog_KitchenAFTER-19

Check out the custom pantry we had built for the bare wall in the kitchen – this has made ALL the difference! The storage is incredible, and for the amount of floor space it takes up it’s incredible how deep the drawers and cupboards actually are. Finally a place for all of the pots and pans! :

EverydayGoldenBlog_KitchenAFTER-5 EverydayGoldenBlog_KitchenAFTER-6 EverydayGoldenBlog_KitchenAFTER-12 EverydayGoldenBlog_KitchenAFTER-8

We still have to switch out a few of the lower cabinet handles because we made a switch while everything was being installed and they didn’t have enough of the same kind. But other than that, everything is finished and in it’s place!

EverydayGoldenBlog_KitchenAFTER-20 EverydayGoldenBlog_KitchenAFTER-1


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