New House Tour

Here’s a tour of our new gem of a house. Some pretty major renovating was done before we bought it, but it was not exactly perfect (check out how incredibly dark the entire house was – I have no clue why the sellers thought it would be a good idea to paint both the wainscotting and crown brown-black!).

Since we moved in, we’ve replaced the roof, painted the entire main floor and redone the kitchen all after finding out that *suprise!* I’m pregnant with our first child! Literally 2 days after moving in I was hit HARD with morning sickness and exhaustion – what perfect timing! But during my second trimester I was able to accomplish the bulk of the work I wanted to do.

I’m excited to post some before & after photos through the journey of making this house our home, but first let me show you what we had to start with:

First, the entryway. Which should be a bright space because of the full-length window next to the door and the door itself…but that dark paint just sucked all the life out of the space.

HouseBefore_Entrance-1 copy

To your right of the hallway, we have the living-room:



Here’s another view of the living room once we moved our furniture in. It is an awkward space to try and layout: Long and narrow with a huge bay window taking up an entire wall –



HouseBefore_LivingRoom-1 copy


And off the living room, at the end of the entrance hallway there is the kitchen. Which was “re-done” by the sellers in the strangest way I’ve ever seen. They covered the original 60’s kitchen with doors they made, and the cupboards were designed in the weirdest way. Lots of lost space in unusable corners, and the lower cupboards were impossible to use – I had to sit on the floor to be able to get things in and out of them, and they were painted so dark that you couldn’t see what was inside. Not exactly practical!



DSCN0800 copy

Some photos of the kitchen shortly after we moved in – you can see that we didn’t have too much counter space to work with once everything was unpacked.

OCallaghanKitchen-2 copy


Next up- the family-room (down the stairs off the entrance hallway). This was one of the reasons we bought the house, this extra space for another TV viewing area and possible playroom was so awesome to see after living in a house without a basement and there is no work to be done on it:

Before_Familyroom DSCN0858 copy DSCN0859 copy DSCN0860 copy


Now down THOSE stairs, is another level all together that has a guest room and the laundry room. It has a terrible colour on the walls, but it’s nicely finished and a very good size:



Another 3-piece bathroom is on the family-room (not much to it, not many plans for it):

HouseBefore_DownBath-1 copy


The semi-finished laundry room (I have big dreams for this baby!):

HouseBefore_Laundry-2 copy



Alright, now let’s go back up to the top floor where all of the bedrooms are. To the left of the hallway there are 2 identical rooms, the one on the left is my office and the one on the right is the nursery:



Back to the right, there is a bathroom with on-suite privileges. This bathroom has some serious storage issues that we have yet to figure out. I’d love to eventually get rid of the original vanity from the 60s and get another dual vanity with many, many drawers. But it’ll have to do for now:

HouseBefore_UpBath-1 copy


Finally, we come to the master bedroom. Great, 3 closets! Not super easy to see into, but I’ll take whatever storage I can get. Again, this is a tricky room to arrange with closets taking up an entire wall, and windows and a door leading to a small balcony are taking up another entire wall. I think this will be my next project to tackle, as I’ve just neglected this room as a dumping-ground for things without a place. I’d love to really make this room beautiful by painting (especially that low ceiling- why is it GREY?!) rearranging and purging some things.



Here’s our ugly little balcony off the master bedroom…I have NO idea what to do with this badboy:

Bedroom Balcony


Next up I’ll be posting some before & after photos as the hubby and I tackle the house room-by-room. Spoiler alert – the nursery is looking TOO adorable!!



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