We bought a house (again)!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE our little house (emphasis on the “little”) with all of is adorable character, high ceilings and skylights. But in the short couple of years we’ve been here, we’ve already outgrown it. I must admit I always questioned whether NOT having a basement would end up being an issue, especially when considering expanding the family. And now it’s all I can think about. Every house I’ve lived in or been in I’ve compared to the house my grandparents owned as I grew up. It was the PERFECT layout: a nice big entrance, a spacious sunny main floor, a family room where the guys could hangout an watch football games by the fire while the girls sipped wine and ate apps in the living room, basically the perfect amount of room to spread out.

Something about our house did not give me that feeling from day one, though it’s not a bad size, the layout of our place is a little strange with one of the bedrooms being on the main floor near the entrance-way, and no basement only a crawl-space. I thought I could shake this feeling eventually but the size issue coupled with an “up-and-coming” neighbourhood have made us long for a new place to call home. When our friends Steve and Kristen told us about a big house on a corner lot practically across the street from them that had recently gone up for sale, we decided “hey, why not take a look just for fun”. How fun would it be to live across the street from our good friends?

That was back at the end of March, and man did we ever fall in love FAST. So fast, that we decided to put a conditional offer on the place and put our little gem up for sale the next week. This new house had the most amazing amount of space, on a corner lot in a tree-lined neighbourhood ACROSS THE STREET FROM OUR FRIENDS. Like, hello?

So fast-forward 3 months and a whoooole lot of house showings, open-houses and high hopes and we are now here. Long story short, we were determined not to let this new house go. Nothing we shopped around for compared in space, location and layout and now it’s finally ours (and ours is finally sold)! We’ve bought it despite the threat of carrying 2 mortgages, and a roof that needs replacing. Yes, we do love this house that much. Who would have thought I’d fall so hard for a 60’s side-split and let our little character home go?

Good news is, our new roof is going up tomorrow (a big ouch in our pocketbooks) but we have to decide fast on a colour. Here, I give you our options. But first, a look at the outdated (but really not-so-bad) exterior:


house3house1 house2


And here are our roof options:


RoofOptions RoofOptionsBrown


The issue here is whether or not to sway from the original colour and make some corresponding updates to the brick/trim/garage/shutters. It really doesn’t look all that bad as it is, but do we want to attempt a big change? Because now would be the time considering we have to drop a good amount of cash on this new roof.

I’ve been “googling” around to get update ideas for the exterior but it’s been tricky…

See example:


So we may switch out the colours eventually. But for now…. let the packing begin!


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