Costa Rica – January 2014

2013 was such an incredible year for travelling, and come January of this year I was lucky enough to be able to go someplace new – Guanacaste, Costa Rica! Dan and I were fortunate enough to book 2 (incredible) weddings from the 6th-13th but the day before we left poor Dan got a terrible cold and was knocked out of commission. After a few hours of panicking, I arranged with my friend Julie to have the tickets switched to her name so she could join me. It was awful being away from Dan, but it was especially bad knowing he was sick and all by himself while I was having new experiences in another country. I haven’t travelled without him before, but I couldn’t have asked to go with a better replacement than Julie. We both needed some girl time and some new experiences and that’s exactly what we got.




Yeah, hiking through wet slippery boulders in flip-flops – not my smartest moment. Totally worth it though when we got to the private beach full of shells on the other side of the mountain!


On January 12th we got up early to grab some breakfast from the buffet and hopped on a bus to one of the National Parks to take in some of the local wildlife and see a volcano.


Pretty early on the hike we came across a family of spider monkeys! They moved quickly, it was wonderful watching them swing through the treetops:


Next we heard one of the eeriest sounds I’ve ever witnessed – the collective “howls” of the Howler Monkeys. Whenever the tress blew violently in the wind it would cause them to howl and man was it ever intimidating. But once we looked up and saw them they weren’t really all that much bigger than the spider monkeys, they just sounded a lot meaner.


Mmmm sulphur coming from the volcano:


Just for the record, I didn’t suggest she do this:


After we were all hot and sweaty from a day of hiking, we were lead to a beautiful waterfall that we had the option of swimming under. Getting to the waterfall was the trickiest and most dangerous part of the hike and I (of course) injured my knee. Right before the big pay-off where could jump in. So instead I forced myself up to where the waterfall was and took some photos, though they don’t do the waterfall justice.


On our last day we spent the late afternoon picking shells from the shore and taking way too many photos of ourselves.



We had quite the ride getting back home, we took off and had 30 minutes of turbulence before the pilot announced that our landing gear wouldn’t go back up into the plane so he had to take us back to the airport. We had no idea how long it would take us to finally get home, but about 8 hours later we finally made it back to Toronto, and I was in Dan’s arms. It was the best home-coming ever, I wanted to kiss the ground once we got off our flight!


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