Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

We’re married!

Everything was beyond amazing, BUT I’m going to rewind a bit to our last day as fiancés and write about the rehearsal!

It was a beautiful fall day on Friday: cool breeze, colour on the trees, blue skies and sunshine. I spent the morning running all over the house organizing cleaning, and still not getting everything finished. Our co-ordinator Mary stopped by to pick up all of the place cards and signs, and we went over the updated itinerary.

At this point I started to feel a little panicky – not because I was getting married, but because all of the little jobs I had on my to-do list were far from being finished. After Mary left to set things up in the venue, Loreen and I had one final fitting in the dress while Dan was banished to the downstairs area (he was still in his office working).

The bustle that Loreen made for my dress – complete with satin bows

Loreen did some quick stitch jobs on my sash and bust and then the Sarah’s and Julie arrived to go get our nails done. There was an electric feeling in the air when the girls got to the house, we were all so excited and it was starting to feel real! I got a shellac manicure that I wasn’t overly impressed with (the colour came out differently than I had hoped) but I loved what the girls got.

2013-11-04 14.10.29
My nails… see what I mean? Not much to them. The colour looked so pretty when I picked it, but it was much more translucent once it went on.

After that we grabbed some drinks at Starbucks then headed back to the house to get ready (and find the wedding rings that I couldn’t seem to locate!) Once we hopped in the car we were full of giggles and nerves hit me pretty hard.

Starbucks run
Starbucks run


BM Sarah hanging out with little Monty!
BM Sarah hanging out with little Monty!
Rehearsal Outfit
Rehearsal Outfit
Rehearsal Outfit
Rehearsal Outfit

Once we got to the venue we had a look around at the ceremony room and found that everything (except the flowers) had been put into place, so it REALLY felt real. It looked amazing! We were pretty early so we had time to wander around and look at the ballroom and atrium as well and I was blown away by the amount of work our co-ordinator Mary had done. The fact that all of the tables and linens were set up a day early, meant that all of the signs and photos could be put into place and instead of assuming we were doing it, Mary took care of everything for us and it looked perfect!!

Arriving at the venue - sooo excited!
Arriving at the venue – sooo excited!
2013-11-01 17.38.29
MOH Sarah and the ladder

The rehearsal was really, a lot of fun. Our minister John was very patient with everyone, we did a run-through and everyone figured out the game-plan and then we did it another time with Mary playing the music on her phone so we had an idea of timing. IT WAS PERFECT!

I think from that point on, my stomach was not the same. It did backflips and then settled, and then backflips again. It’s 2 days after the wedding and I still get nauseous butterflies! We finished off the evening at a pub/restaurant a few blocks away where everyone seemed to really enjoy their food – talk about huge portions of meat pies and fish & chips! It was fun to see our group all together at last, and to hear and see everyone getting along and having a fun time.

Dinner at the pub!
Dinner at the pub!

2013-11-01 20.09.26

Maid of Honour Sarah and I left around 9:30pm and stopped in at Shoppers Drug Mart for eyelashes for the girls and nail polish for touch-ups. Once we got back to the house it was already pretty late, but the number of things on my to-do list was pretty daunting… I was literally vacuuming the house at 11:30pm. And I hadn’t finished writing my speech to Dan. I had to make some extra pinecone place-cards with Sarah, and paint my toenails…I don’t know why I thought I’d be more organized but I totally wasn’t, I was frazzled. Sarah did a great job of keeping me calm and gently reminding me I should go to bed at a decent hour, but I ended up staying in bed writing my speech and love letter to Dan until 2am. With a 7am alarm set on my phone, I knew I wouldn’t be getting very much shut-eye.

I ended up waking up almost exactly at 6:30am – eyes wide open, and I was AMAZED at how truly awake I was, it felt like I slept a lot longer than I actually had. Once I had my shower I was up and ready to get the ball rolling!


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