A Pre-Wedding Vacation to Paradise

Dan and I are so lucky that what we do for work allows us some great travel opportunities! In fact, we JUST got back from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! We photographed a friend’s wedding and it was SUCH an incredible trip, not only because the Dominican is beyond gorgeous, but to share the experience with such a great group of people and be there for Eden’s big day just made the trip one that I’ll NEVER forget.



We boarded a bus at Eden’s house and headed to the airport with most of the group. After a brief panic over an allergic reaction pre-flight at the airport, we were on our way. (Boy that was a close call!) It was a good flight, no turbulence (yay!) and we arrived in the Dominican at around 8 or 9pm. It was cool to get off the plane and onto the tarmac as opposed to one of those plane bridges. And man, did that heat and humidity ever hit us HARD when we exited!

We waited for our bags then found our resort’s bus and then we were off! Didn’t get to see much of the country side because it was dark, but we loved the resort when we arrived, it was very impressive. Once we got situated we did some exploring. The 1st couple of days we spent near the pool and bar, but once I discovered the beach and ocean it was a total game-changer! It was the most amazing beach I’ve ever seen, unlike our resort in Jamaica, the beach that the resort backed onto was pristine, soft white sand, turquoise waters and crazy waves.






I’ll be honest, the 1st three days I was in a bit of a funk – our equipment was not cooperating with the humidity, and all I could think about was how much editing work I had to do for clients and how quickly November 2nd was coming…the last month I’ve had this persistent knot in my stomach – otherwise known as stress. Like who goes on vacation a month and a half before their own wedding?!

But when Eden & Tim’s wedding day arrived it was just the perfect day. Seeing two people who love each other so incredibly was exactly what I needed to see to snap me back into reality. The day went off without a hitch and I LOVE the photos we shot that day. The rest of the week I was able to unwind and just LET GO of that pesky little knot in my stomach.

We spent more time at the beach, went out for awesome dinners, danced until 3am at the club, and went on the most MAGICAL excursion : snorkelling with sharks & stingrays & an epic boat party on the ocean.

I’ve never snorkelled, so seeing all of the tropical fish and coral in the area where our boat took us was sooo magical. After some (too much) liquid courage we hopped in the shark and stingray area to snorkel and that was pretty amazing. Here’s a video our buddy Steve took when he went on the same excursion:






Never did I think I’d be doing so much travelling in such a short time-span! It’s amazing to think that in just under a month just Dan and I will be flying to Europe to have a 100% non-work-related trip of a lifetime. Honeymoon here we come! Oh wait, wedding first 😉


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