Suit Up

I don’t know why, but Dan and I didn’t get around to planning what him and the groomsmen are going to wear until a couple of weeks ago. I think mid-June hit and I just came to my senses – I need to get on this, we’re past the half-way mark! Don’t get me wrong, we had talked about outfit ideas and agreed on a slim-fit black tuxedo, but I guess we just figured the rest would be a piece of cake and decided to take our time. Well, we mosey on in to our local Moores and what do we see? The menswear line by Vera Wang Black:



Perfect, right? I’ll be wearing Vera Wang White, why shouldn’t he be wearing Vera Wang Black? Well, up close, the material leaves much to be desired. It’s the perfect slim-cut we were looking for, but the material is thin and the example tux the mannequin was wearing looked faded and just a little cheap. Once we FINALLY had a salesgirl help us, I was shocked to discover that this was “the only slim fitting tuxedo they offer” for rentals. Like, really? With all of the zillions of options brides get to try on, guys only get one style per store? Not impressed. There was a more affordable Calvin Klein tux that actually looked MORE expensive, but our sales girl thought it was a looser fit. So ultimately we decided that fit won out over material. 

The other strange thing about this whole tux rental experience? It was like pulling to teeth to be able to have Dan try samples on. We literally had to piece the whole tux together on our own and insist that he try it on. I’m sorry, but I’m a visual person and I don’t know much about the technicalities of tuxedos, so I wanted – no – NEEDED to see Dan in a sample of the ACTUAL tux he’d potentially be wearing to see what it looks like. How is that too much to ask?

Again, not impressed. 

Well we still had fun with the whole experience of trying things on (and I LOVED seeing my man in a tux. So handsome!!) and I’m sure I embarrassed Dan with the amount of photos I took during the process:





Love the tux with the vest, it’s amazing how much it completes the entire look. My handsome  man 🙂




I’m more a fan of the skinny tie, but Dan is hooked on the classic bow tie and it’s up to him, so we’ll see what he decides to go with – he looks amazing in either!



Well, if I could go back and do it again here’s what I’d do:

*Not walk in during a summer week night right during prom & high wedding season.

*Lower my expectations a little – these are rentals after all. I’m sure it would have been a verrrry different experience if we were getting a custom-made suit for Dan.

* Done my research – Some of the different styles of shirts, collars, jackets etc that stood out to me were only available in certain colours. Many of which wouldn’t match my “ivory” dress, or so I was told. So I had to drop those ideas pretty quickly.


I think we ended up staying in the store for about 2.5 hours when all was said and done (our poor salesgirl was helping 4 different customers all at once). The above photo is proof we closed the place down.

All in all we made the best out of the experience and I’m not worried because I know my groom will be the most handsome man in the room on November 2nd!




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