Ooh the glitter!

Well, we have made a HUGE step forward in the wedding planning – on Sunday Feb. 17th most of the bridesmaids dresses were picked out! AND, we’ve happily added another important lady to the group of bridesmaids – my soon to be sister-in-law Emily! It just wouldn’t be the same without her included. It’s a bonus because with the mixed bridesmaids dresses I think 4 is the perfect number for a variety of colours/tones/styles.

So Mom, SarahS, Julie and I all headed out shopping in the afternoon and after spending 2.5 hours circling one of the biggest and best malls in the city, we found ONE possible dress and it only came in a size that was too large.

SarahG was planning on meeting us at around 4:30 and at that point I considered calling her and telling her to not bother coming, or to meet us somewhere else because there was nothing for her to try on. All along Mom and SarahS thought that the Bay would be worth a look. So, at last we made our way to the department store, asked someone where the evening gowns were and got on the escalator…tired, hungry, thirsty and frustrated.

Once we reached the top of the escalator we all threw our hands in the air and screamed (or maybe that was just me) because right in front of us were racks and racks of beautiful evening gowns in the perfect colour palettes! We grabbed about 12 dresses and hijacked 2 change-rooms as quickly as we could and Julie started trying on dresses.

She quickly fell for a Grecian-style shimmery champagne Calvin Klein (which she ended up purchasing in her size the following Tuesday!) SarahG arrived just at the perfect time and tried on a few sultry gold numbers before she ended up purchasing the mother of ALL maid of honour dresses (with a 13% discount because of some loose threads).

SO… without further ado, I give you the bridesmaids dresses:


The second dress from the left is still undecided (we have to plan a shopping trip with Em) but  it will probably be in that same colour family.

These were some other maybe’s:



This was one of my FAVES but LOOK at that price-tag! ImageImage

The girls with SarahG in a gold option:


Here’s another option we saw for Emily, only in a more mauve colour:


As you can see… it actually looks like more of a mauve colour, and the sequins are the same as the blush ones on SarahS’s dress!

I did some digging online and found the info on each dress we found on Sunday:




Here they are all together again:Image

I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on the purple dress from Emily, I’d love to see what it looks like on her. But here are some other options I found that might work:

ImageImageMy girls are going to look like etherial, drop-dead gorgeous movie stars on our big day and I couldn’t be happier! Can’t wait to see what Em picks out!



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