Taking a little break from wedding-related posts just for now.

Today we woke up to a winter wonderland:


(That’s our cute little house, by the way.)

So…that was what it looked like at 10am and it’s not almost 5pm and hasn’t stopped snowing! And you know what that means? It’s the perfect day for a cup (or three) of hot chocolate 🙂



We let our little guy out for a washroom break in the morning and he had quite the time frolicking:


Hey, there’s a little guy in the middle of the road! 🙂


I’m actually glad I haven’t taken down ALL of our holiday decor – the lights and the tree have been taken down, but the awesome garlands I bought at Hobby Lobby are still in our hallway and living room:


I made the burlap bow with some burlap from Michaels to make it just a little more “country/casual” (and the mirror and table are from Home Sense):



This is our first BIG winter storm at the new house, and truthfully…I’m kind of loving it! 🙂


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