The Stationary

Never did I think that wedding stationary would be the most difficult detail of our wedding plans. Originally we budgeted for around $1,000 for invites… reasonable right? I’d expect to be able to get some pretty LOVELY invites at that price but after getting a million quotes, and even winning a contest with a fabulous invite designer, we could not find the perfect fit within our budget.

This was the vibe I was going for:




And because almost all of our guests will be coming from out of town, we really had our hearts set on a “pocket-fold” design to include a map, directions and accommodation info. like this:



So, I was complaining on facebook about how difficult I was finding the invite designing & ordering and my wonderful maid of honour messaged me offering her help. She’s quite the creative graphic designer (she’s doing her sister’s wedding invites, and she has her own wedding favour business) and she said she’d design something for us to look at as an option.

Well she came by for a visit this past Sunday with the example invitation and it’s brilliant! Exactly the type of thing we were looking for, and at 1/3 of the price that we were being quoted. AMAZING!! You know what that means? We have more money in the budget for a videographer! I’m so so thankful that she’s offered to help. She’s going to be doing all of the designing and ordering and then we’re going to get together with all the girls and put the invites together (and hopefully make it a fun girls night with food and movies!).

I’m also thinking because we have a big break between the ceremony at 2pm and the cocktails at 5pm, it might be nice to print programs for the ceremony that have suggestions on the back of what to do during the break…like a wine tour etc. We’ll also probably need to design menus and table numbers…but from the sounds of it, those pieces of the stationary budget won’t be enormous if Sarah leads the way.

I can’t wait to post photos of the final invite design – it’s just PERFECTION! I’ll be seeing the girls on Feb. 17th when we go dress shopping for SarahGM & Julie. Mom is joining us and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we find a good deal for both girls and that it’s a fun day. I’ll be sure to snap a few pics and post a blog.


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