Check, check and check!

I’m feeling rather proud of myself tonight. In the last 6 days we’ve managed to book both our minister and our DJ – and we got deals on both!

The minister we went with officiated a wedding we shot last October and I loved how smoothly everything ran and how personal he made the ceremony. He has plenty of experience, is well-spoken and is reliable. When we met at Starbucks, we told him that we were in the wedding business as well and he offered to throw in a ceremony rehearsal for free (saving us $125)!

Bonus. Because I really think it will be helpful to do a full rehearsal WITH the minister so everyone knows what to expect!

The last 5 days I’ve been emailing potential DJs in the area after the one I met at the WedLuxe show ended up being WAY over our budget ($1,600…and that’s with a “show special”). Luckily I found a DJ on good ol’ kijiji and MAN is he ever a good deal. He’s newer to the business but he has the right amount of experience and proper equipment and he’s -get this- $750 ALL IN. I mean. !!!! He’s also able to provide music for the ceremony, cocktails AND the entire reception. Amazing, it’s amazing I tell you! We had budgeted $1200 for a DJ so now we have a bit more wiggle-room for other areas of the budget.

The mister and I got into a heated discussion last night about the budget after I received a few quotes from invite designers & after I asked him about getting a videographer.

I’m feeling more and more like a videographer is essential and we’d really regret not getting one, but here’s the kicker- the better videographers out there charge upwards of $3,000-$4,000. Soooo not counted for in our budget. So last night I didn’t think it was a possibility – but TODAY in my online searching I found a fantastic company that charges around $1,300. So we’ll see!


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