The Girls

So, I imagine most girls know immediately what friends they’d ask to be bridesmaids pretty much right after they get engaged. For me, this wasn’t reeeally the case. Don’t get me wrong- I had some immediate ideas, but I really wanted to take some time to make the right decision on which girls to ask. I’m also not the type of girl that sees her friends multiple times a week, or hell, even every other week for that matter. But my real friends know this, and hopefully understand that it doesn’t mean I’m any less of a friend or that I care about them any less.

Let’s be honest, being a bridesmaid can be a lot of work. I certainly consider it an honour, but I know the reality is that it costs money, and there can be some high expectations. I ended up asking 3 of my girlfriends to be in my wedding party – just the right number if you ask me! And according to etiquette, for 150 guests, 3 attendants is the correct amount (bonus points!). The girls who have agreed to be in my bridal party are special to me in 3 totally different ways, and I’m SO excited at how excited they are to be a part of it all. I love these girls:





I still haven’t introduced all the girls, (though two of them are in one circle of friends) but I’m sure they’ll all get along. I asked my MOH Sarah (SarahGM for short) and my other friend Sarah (SarahS for short) in person shortly after we got engaged, and my other friend Julie lives a little ways away so I opted to write her a letter instead. She has a new little baby boy and her life is FULL of new responsibilities so I wanted to give her the chance to really think it over before she decided. She ended up calling me right away, very excited, and said YES.

SO. I have a pretty distinct vision of what I’d like the girls to look like on the big day. Think soft, sparkly, neutrals and pinks (all different) with lots of embellishments. Romantic and fashion-forward. And expensive, I want them to look expensive:








Gorgeous, right? I’d love to mix it up and have each girl wear something different. So when I randomly came across this sequin dress at BCBG at Sherway Gardens that was marked down from $442 to $177 I was like…woah:

2013-01-11 15.55.08

2013-01-11 15.55.14

So, on Monday SarahS checked out the BCBG a block away from her office on her lunch break and what did she find? Drumroll please…..


(Don’t mind the blocked-face, she sent me this photo privately and might not want it floating all over the interwebs, so I thought I’d make it anon.)

But seriously! What a deal! So now we’ve got to plan a shopping date with the rest of the girls to find some dresses that will coordinate, which I am SO looking forward to!

Here are some more inspiration photos:





Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.57.44 AM 2


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