Getting the Details Down

On Saturday Jan. 5th we sat down with the wedding coordinator at our venue, and after an hour of talking shop (we all worked QUITE the wedding the week before and had to dish about the details) we got down to business and hashed out all the details of the day! It was WAY too much fun, though the mister seemed to be exhausted after the 3 long hours we spent there. Mom was also able to join us (which was super helpful, she had a lot of ideas on decor, when things should happen and where things should be placed. She also reminded me of a lot of questions I otherwise would’ve forgotten to ask). My biggest stressor was the timeline of the day and thankfully we got that all sorted out! Our ceremony is going to be at 2pm in the Imperial ballroom and we were sent some example photos of how the space could be set up for a ceremony. This is the direction we’re going to set things up in (I wanted a long aisle to show off the dress and prolong the whole aisle experience!):


The coordinator showed us the little room I’ll be waiting in before I come out, and as I walked the route from the room down the aisle, to the alter I was beaming. Walking through the door gave me chills of excitement! We also spent some time in the atrium sorting out where the receiving line, gift table, signing table and photo booth will be.

When we spoke about the head table, we all agreed on doing a sweetheart table at a 6ft table on a riser (so our little table doesn’t get lost in the big room). Otherwise we’d have to do a massive unnecessary head table such as this:

Wedding - MArch 31, 2012 -1

Plus, most of our bridal party are married and I’m sure each of them would prefer to sit with their spouses during the night! The coordinator had a great idea – instead of having to rent pipe & drape for the backdrop of the sweetheart table (like in the above photo) we could bring our photo backdrop stands and drape fabric over that…woohoo moneysaver!!

We also finally made a decision on whether to do long tables or rounds. We’re sticking with rounds because of costs and we’ve been guests at long tables and find it harder to really socialize. So free round tables it is!

I love “official” meetings like this one… it makes it all feel much more real and eases my mind knowing things are getting done before busy work season hits! What an amazing weekend this one was – after our meeting at the venue we went to the Falls to meet up with one of the groomsman and his buddies for a quick drink.

The very next day my mom, a work colleague and 2 of my bridesmaids went to the WedLuxe bridal show!! More of that in the next post 🙂


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