The Venue

Our choice of venue really only came down to 2 options –

1) Legends Golf Course in Niagara Falls (Chippewa to be more exact)


2) Queen’s Landing in Niagara on the Lake.


Because we are wedding photographers, we knew a summer wedding was out of the question…so we decided to tour each spot with that in mind. Legends was nice, but as we drove to our appointment I realized how ugly the area is…and all of our guests who don’t know the Niagara region that well would get this “tour” on their way to the venue. Not so great. The price wasn’t enough to sway our decision ($90 per plate) and there were ZERO photo spots on the property, which would mean we’d have to take quite the drive to get any decent portraits.

We are very proud of where we live and work, and this became a deciding factor when it came to choosing our venue. We’ve shot NUMEROUS weddings at Queen’s Landing and we know the venue inside and out – the food and the service are constantly great, and it’s a 15 minute drive from our new house. My mom has worked with Vintage Hotels for years and has a great working relationship with them…how could we go wrong? Well, my main concern was the price…never in a million years did I think we could afford to get married there. But to my surprise, their “winter wonderland” package is a CRAZY good deal ($99 per person!!) from Nov. 1st to Apr. 1st!

So we booked a tour with the wedding sales rep (whom my mother has worked with for years) and it turned out to be her last day on the job! She was kind enough to offer us some major perks which also helped sway our decision. So Saturday November 2nd 2013 it is! This evening we met with the coordinator to go over the fine details like timing, order of events and setup and it was totally surreal. There were moments I felt like I was doing a consultation for another bride…I had to snap myself back to reality and remind myself…hey! This is OUR wedding we’re talking about here! Mom was able to join us for most of the consultation and it was fun having her there and getting her input on things. We made some serious headway with fine-tuning the entire day.

We’ve decided on a 2pm ceremony in the Imperial ballroom, cocktails & receiving line in the Atrium at 5pm and doors to the Grand Georgian ballroom open at 6pm. Like, how stunning is this place?!

Queen's Landing

The ballroom is a blank slate, so it’s been fun dreaming up different decor options for the ceremony and reception. The ceremony is in a smaller ballroom – not my favourite room (but hey, it’s free and we save on the cost of a church wedding like we had originally planned) so I can’t be too picky. The only disappointing thing, is that we have to face the side of the room instead of the windows if we want to create a long aisle, and man do I ever want a long aisle. Specifically for the dress and it’s magnificent train! Too often I see brides come down these short little aisles and BAM – very little drama. The buildup to everyone turning and seeing you and looking down the aisle at your man is just too amazing to cut short, am I right?

Though when I did a quick walkthrough of the ceremony space tonight I got some serious butterflies (and chills!) it’s a long way down with all eyes on me…


Anyways, tonight was very successful in deciding a lot of little details that will pull the whole day together… I feel a small sense of accomplishment! Now that I have a ceremony time I can look into the minister & DJ.

And in other news, the annual WedLuxe Wedding Show is on tomorrow (well technically today seeing as I’m writing this at 1am) at the Royal York in Toronto and Mom, Eda from Vineyard Sweets and 2 of my bridesmaids are all going. SO excited…I am so so excited to be going to this show as a bride and not just for general industry inspiration! I’ll be bringing along my camera to snap up all the details and hopefully get some cute shots with my girls! More on that later 🙂


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