The Dress

I love my dress. But for awhile there, I thought I may have made a huge mistake. Let me explain:

Shortly after my guy proposed I went on my 1st bridal salon shopping trip with my mother & nana. I had heard that there was a great sale on Vera Wang White Collection dresses and I knew I just HAD to try some of these dresses on. They were beautiful designs and fantastic prices between $800-$1,500 (for those of us who can’t afford a $7,000 Vera!).

The appointment went well, we had a great consultant and I must have tried about 8 or 9 dresses on. It was my first time at a David’s Bridal (in Mississauga) and it was a little overwhelming. We went on a weekend which wasn’t the best idea – very little room to move around, multiple brides sharing mirrors, not much privacy at all. And little did I know that once a girl finds a dress, they are asked to ring this big bell in front of the whole store…and I’m just not that type of girl. It was chaotic to say the least.

What I didn’t really expect, was how overwhelmed I would start to feel once trying on so many dresses. I had a distinct idea of what I THOUGHT would look great on me, and the vision I had of myself and after the first 2 dresses made me look like a line-backer, I realized that I just didn’t suit a dress with a natural waist line. There was this Vera that was sooo close to what I was looking for, but the detail on the hips just made me look too big for my comfort (the version I tried was in white- the pink version was cotton candy pink- waaay too pink..I love love love me a “blush” dress though:






Anyways, it was the best option according to my mom and nana who loved it, but I just didn’t feel pretty enough in it, and truthfully, I’m terrible at making huge decisions and I wanted more opportunities to try on dresses in different stores. I needed to see as many options as possible! At that point had run out of time at my appointment and had tried almost all of the styles in the collection except for one dress that sounded like it may have been the best mix of what I was looking for. That store in particular didn’t carry the sample so I couldn’t try it on. I said on the way out “I bet if they had that dress from the catalogue it would have been the one”. We left a little disappointed, but had a delicious dinner and gabbed about the dresses to no end…I’m very close with my mom and nana so the day was fun no matter what!

After attempting to organize another shopping date with nana and also with my MIL, and it just not working out – mom and I decided to shop more locally of both of our days off. I was very pleasantly surprised by the experiences… we found a beautiful taffeta a-line natural waist ball gown and the pushy sales woman at that store ALMOST bullied me into purchasing it, but I’m glad I went with my gut and resisted. It was too simple and the taffeta made it too summery (we’re getting married at a very grand venue in November). BUT, it did wonders for my figure, and it made me realize that maybe I should look for a similar style, but in a heaver satin with beading at the waist to amp it up a little and match the venue.

The next couple of stores offered more selection and more FREEDOM from pushy sales girls…we were free to pop in without an appointment and try on as many styles as we wanted. I was relieved to see that there were plenty of beautiful dress options under $2000! Again, I came close with 2 beautiful dresses I loved, but couldn’t pull the trigger on (also included is our last attempt at a local bridal store -me in a very ill-fitting sample dress:


IMG_7500 copy

(The above photos are some of my major “attempts”)

A month ago, on November 12th Mom and I decided to take another run to David’s Bridal, but this time in Buffalo. They apparently were supposed to have more selection and the dresses come in 3 to 4 months SOONER than in Toronto when you order! I dressed in my cute little black dress, did my hair & makeup and brought my earrings and heels. We had a little trouble finding the store, but once we walked in, mom spotted the ball gown that was NOT available to try on at the other David’s bridal! We met our salesgirl and she took us on a “tour” of the store, then she left us to pick out some options to try on. She had lots of suggestions…and she allowed me to try on many different styles (including a Kate Middleton inspired dress that just looked HILLARIOUS on me!)

We knew almost immediately that the winner would be from Vera Wang’s White Collection.. and the fact that this store had dresses that were not available at the other location was AWESOME! You can see in these photos: I tried on a beautiful VW with straps – but found out it was discontinued and only the beat-up sample dress was available to buy.

IMG_7506 copy


THE dress that I had thought would be perfect the 1st time I went to the Toronto DB, was a-mazing! And it was the perfect mix of what I was looking for. A basque, drop-waist with lots of tulle….freaking amazing. Once I tried it on a second time at the end of the appointment I knew it was the one. It even brought a tear to my eye!

(No photos of “the one” just yet, for privacy reasons!) But these are some of the dresses I tried on:

VW351011 copy

After I found the “ONE”, we ordered it and we were good to go. THEN, the very same night….when I got home and googled “vera wang white collection” so I could find a photo of the dress I bought, what shows up in my google images feed? A new more brilliant *blush* tulle ball gown. Immediately, my heart sank…how had I not seen this in the store? Oh, because it was coming out in 3 weeks! 3 Freaking Weeks. If I had known, I would’ve waited to go shopping so I could try it on. I went into full panic mode and called my mom. She said I was being crazy, and I’m sure I sounded nuts…but I don’t trust my own decisions and I was heartbroken that I might have made a major mistake. Here’s what came up in my google feed, pretty right?:


Well TODAY, I just got an email notification that the 2013 line has been released, and here is the official shot of the pink ombre dress:



After a week of panic attacks, I’ve fallen back in love with my original dress. It’s a lot like the one Kate Hudson wears in the movie Bride Wars and it really is lovely. And besides, I love the idea of wearing a blush wedding dress, but would I regret that decision in 20 or 30 years when I’m looking back at my wedding photos? Quite possibly! And now when I look at myself in the dress with the straps I can see that it really didn’t do anything for my body  – Mom was right, I need something strapless.

I just need to learn to trust my decisions! Can’t wait for my first fitting in February when my dress comes in, but for now, it’s back to the gym!


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