Welcome to our wedding adventure!

And what an adventure it has been already! In these short 3 months since getting engaged, Mr. Gemini (as he shall now be called for privacy reasons!) and I have celebrated, interviewed, planned, toiled, stressed, booked, argued, compromised and SPENT on and over, so many major decisions in the planning process.


As with any major positive life changes I’ve experienced, I try and REALLY TRUELY relish in the total experience. Moment by moment, day by day. My father taught me at a very early age the “importance of the now” and through this process of wedding planning, though I’m planning for a future event, I’m making sure to really enjoy the process. If anything I’m so scared it’s going to be over before I know it! That’s where this blog comes in…I actually have a terrible memory and journaling has become a major resource in helping me cherish precious memories in my life.

I’ll be updating as frequently as I can leading up to and after the big day, and I hope you find my posts as meaningful as I will in the years to come.

Thanks for joining me in this adventure!



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